Use these resources at your organization!

New Resource - Policy Report on the Impacts of the Criminalization of HIV Non-Disclosure on Indigenous People

All Nations Hope Network has developed valuable resources throughout the years some of which include:

  • Sharing the Knowledge manual
  • Sisters in Spirit Manual
  • Resource kit on HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis C
  • Two-spirit pamphlet
  • Video: " The Journey from my Head to my Heart"
  • Prevention Resource Guide
  • Positive Journeys Newsletter

Some of the resources are available here for print and others are made avaialble through workshops and training. Please contact us if you have any questions about the resources we have available. 

Resources you can print:


Other Important Resources:


The Journey From My Head to My heart

Touching and personal stories of hope by Indigenous people living with HIV. This is an excellent resource for frontline workers who are working with indigenous people who disclose in a confidential manner that they are newly diagnosed or living with HIV or AIDS. For your copy of this video, please contact us.


Traditional knowledge and Indigenous ways are important and must be incorporated in the field of HIV.