Nîciwâkan Kihiw

The Greater Involvment of People Living with HIV (GIPA)

Nîciwâkan Kihiw is a committee of Saskatchewan Indigenous People living with HIV/AIDS. The standing committee shall be made up of not more than 13 representatives with experience and familiarity with issues and problems confronting positive people living with HIV or AIDS.

The goals of the committee:

  1. Ensure the continuity and consistent representation for people living with HIV and AIDS make certain recommendations are included in dialogue for contributing to development of resolutions which affect the programs and services that are needed for APHAs in Saskatchewan.
  2. Assist the Chief Executive Officer of All Nations Hope Network to ascertain input from people living with HIV and AIDS and presenting resolutions at the Annual  Assembly of Members.

On April 4-6, 2013, a retreat was held at the Ramada Hotel and Convention Centre in Regina, SK. Resulting from that retreat is a Positive Peoples Standing Committee and a report of the activities and workshops that took place. 

Since then Trevor Stratton from the Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network has lead the committee through a series of gatherings and meetings. 

If you are interested in becoming a part of this committee, please fill out the application form and mail it to All Nations Hope Network. All information received will be kept private and confidential. You can also fax the application to 306-525-3698.



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