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Positive Journeys

Posted on 18th Feb 2016 by Lana Holinaty

The February edition is complete. To view the latest edition of the Positive Journeys Newsletter ...

New Dates for Spirit Horse

Posted on 16th Feb 2016 by Lana Holinaty

New dates for Spirit Horse: March 20/16 April 2/16 April 10/16 April 30/16 Please have your child at ANHN at 10 am and will be returned by 3:30. To print off an application form ...

Apply for the Spirit Horse Program

Posted on 7th Jan 2016 by Lana Holinaty

All Nations Hope will once again be providing the Spirit Horse Program. This program takes day trip to Muscowpetung First Nations to Kamao Cappo's horse ranch. The program provides for riding lessons, a wagon-trail ride and different cultural teachings from on Elder. The participants learn horse teachings and are shown the therapeutic tendencies of the horses.  Spirit Horse has been con...

Saskatchewan's HIV Epidemic

Posted on 24th Aug 2015 by Lana Holinaty